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Thursday, 22 March 2012

We have rides! (& walks)

We have rides (& walks) arranged as follows

Sunday 25th March 11:00 Rother Valley Park Cafe

Checking out the network between Rother Valley & Rotherham: Then at 2p.m., a walk between Rotherham Rail Station and Meadowhell, along the canal.

Then on 14th April, I thought that instead of a boring clean-up, we might like to have a ride down to Barrow Hill Roundhouse where the "fab 4" - 4 classic mainline steam engines  - are visiting. However, it is £19 to get in, so if steam isn't your thing you could always do the Chesterfield loop and meet us later, or go to Chesterfield and get the train home, or head back on-road via Dronfield - there's a nice route back via Holmesfield - or just go back on the trail. That will meet at 10 at Sheffield Station.

However, we will have to have a clean-up pretty soon, so I'll find a date for that. 
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