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Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Ranger writes...

One of our Northern Rangers tells us: 

The lego bricks that have recently blocked even further the path off towards Hartley Brook from the Blackburn Valley route (AKA Chapeltown Greenway) have been reported -  I am told they are going to 'sort it'.  One point I haven't reported yet, is the signs at this junction, which were recently replaced have been vandalised again and one of the finger post signs has gone missing.

I can report good progress on the section from Smithey Wood into Chapeltown Park, which had a nice rolled base course of road planings and was ready for its black-top when I rode it on Sunday morning.  I'll probably be out that way again this weekend to check on progress.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Five Weir Walk closure

The Five Weirs Walk will soon (i.e. before Xmas) be closed for about a week between Carbrook St and Weedon St for Flood defence investigation work. We'll let you know when we have more info.

Keep the byways open to all cyclists, walkers and horse-riders

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers Sheffield  supports the view that the byways leading out Sheffield to the Peak District should be made accessible to all. 

The Peak Park Authority and Derbyshire County Council are making efforts to remove motorised traffic from these Byways Open to All Traffic and make them accessible to all forms of non-motorised traffic

We support the 38 Degrees petition:

This petition reinforces the work that Derbyshire CC and the Peak Park Authority are doing in responding to the public outcry over motorised use of these tracks so we unhesitatingly support the petition and urge everyone to sign it.

The work being done to repair these byways now that motor vehicles are increasingly banned from them less "technical" for mountain bikers. However, there are lots of excellent singletrack and bridleway trails in the Peak District with fantastic work being done to develop more  - the byways need to be kept open to all to help new riders develop the skills to tackle these more challenging rides and provide sustainable access to these trails. 

Sustrans has ambitions to bring some of these byways into the National Cycle Network, to create strategic national links such as taking NCN6 away from the busy Ringinglow Rd. This will only happen if we can get the trail surfaces up to an acceptable standard - supporting the 8-80 principle of accessibility for all. Our aim is to have a safe cycle route within a short distance of everyone in the UK. 

When the work is done to repair these tracks it can look stark against the peak district landscape, but soon weathers in and indeed as loose surfaces are applied there will be some deterioration in the quality of the surfaces. 

We particularly deplore tactics such as spamming Derbyshire County Council's Facebook page that have been adopted by advocates of mountain biking. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Works on NCN6

There are bank strengthening works on NCN6 in the Porter Valley - proceed with caution.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

TPT Closure notification

Closure of the TPT from Dunford Bridge to Bullhouse (Manchester Road, Millhouses)
To enable the resurfacing works to be completed on the TPT up to Dunford Bridge Barnsley Council has closed the TPT for public safety. It is due to reopen by mid June however if we can

There is an off road diversion from Bullhouse to Hazelhead along the parallel bridleway - however sections of this are across grass fields so please be aware as a cyclist that you may prefer to use the minor road known as Lee Lane to the north especially if you are going to Dunford Bridge or beyond.

There is no off road diversion available from Hazelhead to Dunford Bridge so the only alternative is along the minor roads through Carlecoates.