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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Serious incident on NCN6

To advise of a serious incident that took place at the Manor Way access point to the NCN last night. 

A female cyclist, Julia Podswieska collided with boulders laid across the TPT last night nr Manor Lane/Maltravers Rd. The path is unlit and there are no warning signs that there are boulders deliberately placed on the cycle path. 

Her Bike stopped instantly, and she straight over the handlebars and flat out, prone on the ground.

She was knocked out and hit the side of her head badly.  Small cut above the eye and an 'egg' rising fairly quickly.

She came round after 2-3 minutes and there didn't appear to be any breaks in limbs but she complained of her jaw hurting.

She felt sick so probably concussed.  She was very groggy.  (She was wearing a helmet)

We now hear that she has a broken jaw and was kept in at the NGH over night. 

I'll forward any wishes for speedy recovery.

We had a brilliant service from the ambulance team (ambulance and responder car)

Clearly Julia's recovery is the first priority but I should imagine she will be taking legal advice about the council's policy of putting unmarked obstacles on an unlit cycle track. 
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