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Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sustrans Ranger Ride, 25th March

We had a great ride on Sunday - it was  a perfect day and three of us set off from Sheffield Station, picking our way through the detritus on the Manor before zooming through Richmond. At Rother Valley, a little late, we met Ted and Jay and continued on the High Road through to Rotherham,

 Discarded motorbike, Carbrook Ravine
Fixing a sign nr. Ulley 

Coming back along the canal from Rotherham, we were pleased to see that the route had been kept open during the building of the new football stadium.

Jay told us about the problems he has transporting his daughter around in a bike trailer. The access barriers that Sheffield insists on installing make it almost impossible to use the bike trails. Yet another example of how Sheffield City Council, by denying access to legitimate users, is driving down usage of the trail and discouraging healthy active travel and fitness.  

Thursday, 22 March 2012

We have rides! (& walks)

We have rides (& walks) arranged as follows

Sunday 25th March 11:00 Rother Valley Park Cafe

Checking out the network between Rother Valley & Rotherham: Then at 2p.m., a walk between Rotherham Rail Station and Meadowhell, along the canal.

Then on 14th April, I thought that instead of a boring clean-up, we might like to have a ride down to Barrow Hill Roundhouse where the "fab 4" - 4 classic mainline steam engines  - are visiting. However, it is £19 to get in, so if steam isn't your thing you could always do the Chesterfield loop and meet us later, or go to Chesterfield and get the train home, or head back on-road via Dronfield - there's a nice route back via Holmesfield - or just go back on the trail. That will meet at 10 at Sheffield Station.

However, we will have to have a clean-up pretty soon, so I'll find a date for that. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Trailer for Sustrans Rangers

The e-futures team at Sheffield University are working on a trailer for the Sustrans Rangers Sheffield. You can see the latest design drawing here

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tongue Gutter Re-surfaced

Tongue Gutter, part of the Trans-Pennine Trail has been re-surfaced. If you don't know it it's in Parson Cross, parallel to Deerlands Ave. The new surface looks good and hopefully this will encourage more legitimate users onto the Trail, deterring some of the illegitimate users.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

NCN update

Managed to get out  finally to have a look at progress with the  Connect 2 scheme at Killamarsh (took the Brompton out on Supertram - by now it might have been possible to take a regular bike out on the trial scheme but Supertram have renegued on that one)

As you can see the route is taking shape It's not open yet although there is a opening ceremony this Wednesday, the 14th March. Sad to see that draconian access barriers are going in to keep as many legitimate users as possible off the route, but that's Sheffield  City Council policy. (They haven't read LTN 2/08 and they don't intend to)
 These gents are looking after the scheme.

Keeping Motorbikes off the National Cycle Network

 As you can see this access barrier has been carefully positioned to ensure that a Brompton rider is stopped in their tracks - those Bromptoneers are known for their high speeds and anti-social behaviour after all

Luckily if your handlebars are wider than the Brompton standard, you will be able to ride around the barrier as Sheffield City Council have thoughtfully ensured that there are no other obstacles for at least half a mile on either side of the barrier.  Nevertheless I am sure that these barriers were an an excellent use of taxpayers money.

Icebergs spotted on NCN6

Here we see the boulders that caused a cyclist to have a serious injury recently, painted white by persons unknown.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Workday at Renishaw, 10th March

Chris Allen has organised a workday on the TPT at Renishaw car-park. The workday is part of a larger project and is the first of several workdays. The project is to remove the 2 K-Barriers along the trail and  to put fencing up and a K- Barrier to limit vehicle access to the trail from the car-park and therefore allow travel along the trail without having to negotiate the existing K-Barriers.
Anyone interested in attending please email Chris Allen ( as he will need to have an idea of numbers so that the work/tools etc can be planned for accordingly.
Meet at Renishaw Car Park @ 10.00am
Sat 10th March
If you wish to attend please bring – stout shoes/ waterproofs and a packed lunch.

Cobweb Bridge

We are advised by the council that the Cobweb bridge, beneath the Wicker Arches, is nor closed due to further deterioration of the surfaces. Time to fix unknown - diversion signs are already in place as we were aware that was due to be closed to replace the surface. 

Serious incident on NCN6

To advise of a serious incident that took place at the Manor Way access point to the NCN last night. 

A female cyclist, Julia Podswieska collided with boulders laid across the TPT last night nr Manor Lane/Maltravers Rd. The path is unlit and there are no warning signs that there are boulders deliberately placed on the cycle path. 

Her Bike stopped instantly, and she straight over the handlebars and flat out, prone on the ground.

She was knocked out and hit the side of her head badly.  Small cut above the eye and an 'egg' rising fairly quickly.

She came round after 2-3 minutes and there didn't appear to be any breaks in limbs but she complained of her jaw hurting.

She felt sick so probably concussed.  She was very groggy.  (She was wearing a helmet)

We now hear that she has a broken jaw and was kept in at the NGH over night. 

I'll forward any wishes for speedy recovery.

We had a brilliant service from the ambulance team (ambulance and responder car)

Clearly Julia's recovery is the first priority but I should imagine she will be taking legal advice about the council's policy of putting unmarked obstacles on an unlit cycle track.