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Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Support the Dewbury & Ossett Greenway!

Kirkless Council has submitted a planning application for the Dewsbury to Ossett Greenway  for public consultation:

There is an on-line form which you can use to make comment:

This extension of NCN66 will be particularly useful if you are travelling through to Wakefield to catch a train or pick up the TPT to go to Sheffield or Leeds. Please put in a message of support! 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Support the Monsal Trail link proposal

A planning application has gone in for a signed link between the Monsal Trail , which should be available by Easter 2011 with the tunnels re-opened making for a level, motor traffic-free route from Bakewell, and Buxton town centre and station.

To support it, go to and search for the Planning Ref NP/HPK/1010/1096 When the same ref appears somewhere near centre left centre on screen, click on it, then on "Add Comments". It'll ask your name, address, phone and email and give you the opportunity to click "Support" and to add a brief comment if you wish. Finally tick the "declaration" box and "send".
This is part of  a spectacular project ~ part of NCN680 ~ that deserves our support in spades. 


View from the trail in the Wye Valley, Derbyshire


Tunnels Walk, 2009. Soon this route will be open to all!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ranger ride & meet

We had a ride and meeting scheduled on Saturday to have a look around the Network and start to draw up our annual plan. Actually only Richard turned up and I let him off the meeting, but we had a good ride anyway. Sadly the Manor section had a lot of litter but the route is mostly rideable - very little broken glass was encountered. We spotted some options for route improvement around Waverley, using the off-road footpath rather than the trail, and had a think about we could improve signage in Bowden Housteads.  On the way back we spotted some opportunities for improving routes around the Station area:

This temporary bit of track has been made by Network Rail engineers working on the River tunnel (the Rivers Sheaf & Porter meet under Sheffield Station, platform 5)


A little extension to the track would make for a useful link, completing the off-road cycle track between the station and Park Square.

The "Artistic" Graffiti artists had been at work:-


and on the way home I found another example of their work, this one in the River Porter:-


Work has started on the Sheaf Valley Park behind the station :-

It looks a mess at the moment and a lot of mature trees have been felled but hopefully when complete  it will be an improvement.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Ranger at Work

Tim Allen, our new Ranger tries out a bit of signing...

Dave Stevens, our local volunteer co-ordinator, checks out his handiwork.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Beeley Woods - Sustrans needs your help!

Sustrans needs your help to persuade Sheffield City Council to finish off the multi-user path through Beeley woods. The foundations for the path have been laid but the funding to finish it off has been spent elsewhere. Now we need your help to get it completed. Please print off the petition at – get as many people as possible to sign it and post it back to the address at the bottom by 31st August. (sadly the Council doesn’t yet accept online petitions)
When completed the Beeley Woods path will be part of a vital safe cycling route between Oughtibridge and the City Centre, so please get signing!
The petition along with a Scheme Request form will be submitted to the Northern Area Assembly meeting on 29th Sept.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Five Weirs Walk

First section of 5WW (Blonk St - Effingham Rd) is closed while flood relief work takes place on the river. Diversions are posted.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Picnic on the Bridge

Today was the opening of a new link across the Trent, always a barrier for cyclists heading east from Sheffield who aren't comfortable on busy main roads.The Fledborough viaduct, a classic railway structure, is now open for cyclists and walkers. When the associated route is complete it will provide a link through from Clumber Park, itself already on NCN6, to Lincoln, where you can get on NCN1, the Water-rail Way, and head for East Anglia, or indeed north to East Yorkshire and beyond.

I left Sheffield at 9 and followed NCN6 through Rother Valley Country Park to Worksop. My friend Jon, another Sustrans ranger, joined me at Worksop and having stopped at Clumber, where there was a 40's festival going on, made our way along lanes and bridleways to Fledborough. A warm welcome awaited us:-

After the bash we pootled back to Worksop, refreshing ourselves regularly en route, and finished off with a swift couple in the Mallard at Worksop before getting our train home.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Condition of Network

Noted the following issues on the Sheffield section of the NCN/TPT this weekend:- 

(This is a maintenance report for the benefit of the people who keep the trail clean, don't be put off - it's still a great ride! ) 

Sussex St   - tyres dumped, general litter. 

Bowden Housteads woods - general litter & fly-tipping between Parkway bridge & Mosbrough Parkway Bridge. Signage missing - have put up temporary signs but a more robust solution is needed here. The new signs that have been put up in the city centre are not suitable for these remote locations - the one new one that has been put up, at the NCN6/67 junction at Richmond has been vandalised. 

Glass on track at numerous locations between Mosbrough Parkway & Manor Way  - Access points in particular need to receive attention. 

Off-road motorcyclists in the Carbrook Ravine Sheffield Wildlife Trust site.

Fly-tipping on Tinsley Park Road - general litter all the way from Arena to Tinsley Park Rd
Unnecessary "cyclists dismount" sign at south end of cobweb bridge. 

Glass on pavement - East Coast Rd bridge. 

Beighton Tip Site - The new tracks across the landfill site are in much better condition than the old TPT route and a more pleasant ride. However, there are no signs across the site and nowhere to put temporary ones. 

Rear of Sovereign Stainless Fabrications, Attercliffe Rd- fence broken leading to rubbish spilling out on to Five Weirs Walk.  

Broken glass on pavements around Arena Sq

NCN6 Old Penistone Rd Grime & litter at access point returning to shared use pavement, south end. 

Litter bins need to be emptied more often - many of the bins I passed were full to overflowing. 

On the plus side, the new sufaces between Beighton and  Richmond are excellent and make for a safer, faster and smoother ride. 

Elsewhere in the city

Cycle route signs pointing in wrong direction at following locations:-

Glossop Rd/Brunswick St junction. 
Saxon Rd/Chesterfield Rd junction (w. side of railway bridge)

Fly-tipping at Eastern end of Stone Lane. 

Fly-tipping & broken glass on the footpath between Bamforth St & Penistone Rd (nr Vision windows Warehouse)


TPT signs have been vandalised on town link  - visible from the train. 

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What do we want to see in LTP3?

The Council along with the rest of South Yorkshire is drawing up its plan for transport for the next 5 years. What would we like to see in it? Ideas are being collected at ltp3 One thing's for sure - there won't be any money for large capital projects and small-scale cycling projects represent excellent value for money. 

Not On Network

Sheffield City Council has placed this Motor Traffic Information Sign in the middle of the cycle track on Eyre St. (& widened the cycle track slightly so that when you run into it and are lying on the ground bleeding, you are still on the footway and not inconveniencing any motorists.)  As Sustrans frequently gets the blame for this sort of stupidity I felt it necessary to add a "Not on Network" sticker to it - to it make it plain that it is nothing to do with Sustrans, but also to warn cyclists of the hazard.  Our suggestion was that as the sign is for the benefit of motorists it should have been put in the middle of the carriageway instead.  

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Had a quick ridearound with Andy from SCC which was very useful.

The following things might happen:-

Travelodge :-

Take one K-frame out & move to tunnel under Railway. (Ecclesfield)
Other K-frame will have spacers removed, making it easier to get a bike through.

Bridge @ Ecclesfield - remove barrier which has been subject to a botched repair.

(pics below)

Newhall Rd - slant barriers so cyclists are able to pass through slowly.

Chapeltown Greenway - although there has been a funding gap some work will soon commence on the extension to Chapeltown & Tankersley. There may be scope for Sustrans rangers to help with any preparatory work - clearing vegetation etc - as per Beeley Woods.

Ramp from bridge up to green space adjacent to Ecclesfield Rd (which is heavily used for motorcycling) is in very poor condition.

Noted that Sheffield Wildlife Trust are clearing vegetation between Weedon St & Carbrook St, & the retaining wall is being rebuilt along Effingham St which is causing some disruption. Tyres have been dumped at north end of Cobweb Bridge, at Sussex St. Section between Wicker Arches & Blonk St is closed for Environmental Agency work on the river (Diversions have NOT been posted!)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Guerilla Rangering

Me and Richard A. went out to fix an irritating problem this morning:-

This is where the Five Weirs Walk crosses Newhall Rd. It involves a couple of tight u-turns and then someone who clearly isn't a cyclist put in a barrier which necessitates another tight turn. As a result people cut the corner, which has resulted in the earth getting worn down and creating a hazard.

We went out to fix this a few weeks back with some paving stones but the ground was frozen, so we hid them in the bushes and returned this a.m.. A spot of nifty spadework soon had the ground prepared and we put the paving stones in place.

This is what it looks like now :-

Here's Richard trying it out:-

We hope this makes your journey along the Five Weirs Walk a little easier.

Further downstream we found a spawning Spacehopper:-

On the way back we stopped at La Perle Bistro & Patisserie on the Wicker (honest!)
which we can thoroughly recommend.