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Monday, 7 March 2011

Sustrans Volunteer co-ordinators conference, Liverpool 5th March.

These are my notes from Saturday's meet. I'd like to think I'll tidy them up, but that probably won't happen, so you'll just have to try to make sense of them as they are. The remarks are my own, not necessarily those of Sustrans.

Malcolm Roberts Sustrans achievements

Responsibility for maintaining cycle routes

helmet compulsion
New routes
Supporter increase

England - new schemes:-


Bethnal Green


Cardiff portrait benches

Carlisle funding withdrawn.

NCN now 13,000 miles. This may shrink as Connect. 2 projects reduce the number of "long way round" routes

Bike it.
60 bike it officers

tony ambrose

Early days

13000 miles

2704 rangers

210 group co-ordinators

375 others.

Liaison Rangers are now called group co-ordinators.

Volunteer survey.

better volunteer recruitment, more targetted, clearer roles.

Active Travel champions - workplaces. Piloted on Olympic areas.

planning workshops

in scotland all footpaths are now multi-user.


air quality management areas .

Community Infrastructure Levy coming in. Subject to LA buy- in.

S106 money frequently not spent

Developing new routes.


Why keep routes maintained?

people wont use it
safety & security
sustrans might get sued
make it a pleasure for users
ecology & bio-diversity
create respect for the route.
less graffiti.
the better the condition it is in the less work we will have to do.
dogs dont cut their paws

what can volunteers do
picking up veg
cutting back litter
maintaining a presence
chicanes and fences in good order
reporting problems
keep LA informed
building links
remove grafitti
reporting anti-social behaviour.
report dead badgers
organise rides

reinforce code
free bells
carry radar keys
ensure accessibility
use defect forms.

Organise workdays 2-3 times a year.

inspecting the route.

once a month off-road - two months on-road.

note improvements, good quality maintenance.

why have workdays.

dont get much done by yourself get more ldone
unifies the group.
brings people in
Good PR

get mentioned in the press


highlights failings of LA but good pr

group plan

in advance
plan a workday
risk assessement
first aid
invite participants what to wear children
disposal of debris
ask for LA assistance

permission all stakeholders

safety wear
weather forecast

bridges esp vegetation
power tools can be used with permission.

meeting time
H&/s & briefing.

event - manage


3 top actions for the year ahead

spring cleans


map to show gaps

fresh air mies ride - not sponsored.

specialized as sponsor.

festivol 15-18 july

feedback fom.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sustrans route inspection ride, 6th March

Join the Sustrans Rangers for an inspection ride of the National Cycle Network to Rother Valley, followed by a fun ride down to Chesterfield, and back on the quietest roads we can find. Additional pickup at Rother Valley (about 13:00) on request.

Meet at Barkers Pool 11a.m. (We like a slow start on a Sunday - the CTC will be halfway across the Peak District by then!)

Sustrans clean-up, 19th March

Join the Sustrans rangers for a clean-up of the section of the National Cycle Network between Manor Way and Beaumont Rd Nth. Equipment provided - wear old clothes, let Simon know you're coming and just turn up, 10 a.m. at Manor Way (Google Map link)

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