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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Report from the Friends of the Trans-Pennine Trail AGM

First things first -  if you use the Trans-Pennine Trail and appreciate the facilities it provides please  please consider joining the Friends if you haven't already done so. It's only £6/£4 unwaged, they produce an excellent newsletter and they have been instrumental in transforming what was mostly a muddy trail when it was first instigated into a long-distance route  with many sections of high-quality cycleway - in our area I would include the Chapeltown Greenway and City to Rother Valley sections in that. They are using their funds supporting promotional activities for the trail that would not otherwise take place.

There is no particular call on your time if you join the Friends. 

and you can donate online at 

Done that?  - OK, Report from the AGM. 

I attended the Friends AGM which was at Wigfield Farm, Worsborough. 

Mandy Loach, TPT Officer,  gave us a report on progress with the trail. 

With Government cuts there are still funding threats

TPT has a new website.

A review of access controls is to take place-hooray!

Lots of good promotional events are taking place with support from the Friends.

Volunteer time is being recorded.
Sheffield has recorded 289 hours this year = £3691 monetary equivalent.
This is probably under-reported.

There are issues with horse riders using paved sections even when a grassed horse-riding section has been put in alongside, and cyclists using the trail for time-trialling on Strava are a concern.

Future developments:

Snaith to Goole direct route avoiding Selby  (bridleway)

Leeds flood alleviation scheme will obliterate current alignment. An opportunity to re-build this section which is poor quality.

National Grid are doing a repair job (Woodhead) - good quality diversions are in place. United Utilities are not so co-operative.

Newsletter - send news items in please!

HS2 Consultation -  Response needed for end Jan. Chesterfield to Rother Valley section will be obliterated.  Plus Blackburn Valley. Mandy will keep us updated.

Alternative route has to provide the same green visitor quality experience.

Woodhead tunnels are to be sealed. 1 tunnel is for sale for £1 but insurance & maintenance costs are huge.

A new Dunford Bridge-Langsett-Oughtibridge route is under development.

The Tour de France is potential promotional opportunity.

Cortonwood shopping centre is to be expanded - a new route is to be put in place, but the existing route (Elsecar Greenway) will remain.

The trail originally cost £50m to put in place, and work on an assessment of Return on Investment is on-going.

Formal AGM:

Membership is down but financial situation is good - about 12.5k

A TPT banner is available for use.

Existing committee members were re-elected unopposed. The Secretary will step down at the end of the next year. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

"Little" routes make a big difference

We are really excited about the new links through the Peak District that are to be built following the funding announcement this week. The Little John route and the Little Don link in particular are improvements that we have been pressing for over a long period - since 2005 in fact. This document sets out the proposals.

The Sheffield campaign for better links to the Peak originated in a meeting in Hathersage in 2005 which is detailed here. Sadly, two of the participants in that meeting have since died, but it would be great if we could commemorate them in some way on these new routes - perhaps with Portrait Benches, as used on the Connect2 schemes.

Of course these schemes will benefit cyclists from the west of the Peak District as well.

The Little John route was pretty much devised by us, based on a route that hundreds of cyclists use every day already. We very much hope that it will encourage even more people to visit this beautiful area by sustainable means. The name was suggested because Little John's grave is in Hathersage, not far off the route, and his chair is in the Scotchman's Pack pub. Another name we suggested was the Keira Knightley route, as the area was used to great dramatic effect in the Pride and Prejudice film.

Dave Stevens, volunteer co-ordinator for Sustrans, checks out the Little John Route
The Little Don route will overcome two major obstacles  - Access to the TPT at Oughtbridge, which at the moment is via a busy and steep route, and a new route avoiding the highly dangerous section of Langsett Road heading up to the Flouch.

Lots more needs to be done of course, and we are looking forward to seeing what Sheffield City Council is proposing as part of it's Green Routes programme. Let's make sure the area doesn't miss out on funding for cycle routes again!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Volunteering opportunities on the Five Weirs Walk

A series of practical conservation days have been arranged on the Five Weirs Walk led by the River Stewardship Company and The Conservation Volunteers.

Tuesday 20th August. Meeting at the entrance to The Five Weirs Walk on Warren Street (Leveson Street end), S4 7WZ. Cutting back vegetation encroaching into the FWW.

Thursday 22nd August. Meeting at the entrance to the FWW on Washford Bridge/Attercliffe Road, S4 7WB.  Cutting back vegetation encroaching into the FWW, pulling Himalayan Balsam and injecting Japanese knotweed.

Tuesday 27th August. Meeting at the entrance to the FWW on Washford Bridge/Attercliffe Road, S4 7WB. Cutting back vegetation encroaching into the FWW, pulling Himalayan Balsam and injecting Japanese knotweed.

Thursday 29th Aug. Meeting at the entrance to the FWW on Washford Bridge/Attercliffe Road, S4 7WB. Cutting back vegetation encroaching into the FWW, pulling Himalayan Balsam and injecting Japanese knotweed. Using boat to access any knotweed/balsam on bottom of bank and edge of water.

The RSC and TCV will provide work gloves, tools, equipment, refreshments (biscuits and hot drinks) and training, instruction and supervision as appropriate. Volunteers advised to come along with sturdy footwear, appropriate clothing and waterproofs, bringing a packed lunch and additional drinks, if required.

Contact Adam Rollitt for further information.

Adam Rollitt
River Steward - Landscape Team Manager
River Stewardship Company
Unit 21
President buildings
Savile Street East

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

User Surveys, August 10th

We have been asked whether we can do User Surveys at Rother Valley. This involves standing around for a few hours at a strategic location (The rear entrance of Rother Valley) asking people questions and filling in forms. We only need 20 forms so hopefully it shouldn't take too long. 

We only need 2 volunteers to do the survey but if we have more we can (a) have a more enjoyable time (b) do some local maintenance work while we're there. (c) Have a bit of a ride and if people are surplus to requirements they can have a ride along the TPT - if you haven't done it the run down towards Chesterfield is excellent. 

We propose to set off at 09:30 from Sheffield Station for the cycle ride out to Rother Valley. (takes 45mins - 1 hour)  Please let me know if you're coming by leaving a comment (don't bother if you're not), and if you prefer to come by other means (taking the tram to Halfway with a folding bike and using the Connect2 scheme is an option - if walking, use the signed shared use path towards Killamarsh, turn left when you meet the trail and keep going till you meet us - about a half-hour walk  ) you can meet us at the access point to Rother Valley which is here. I need to be back for mid-afternoon so won't be dragging it out 

Also if you live in the area and heading out that way please drop by and do the survey - random responses are useful but it would also be good to have some feedback from people who use the route regularly and know it well. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Greno Woods - Where is Everyone?

Our Woodland fun and work day was not the community event we had hoped. Despite this the day was a partial success. We managed to put in some drainage pipe and the friends and family that came along really enjoyed the woodland activities that we had planned. We did have 8 adults and 5 children turn up.

The event was planned to be a trail maintenance and community day, with local families joining us in support of the local trail. We had advertised widely with posters, leaflets, emails to groups and advertisements in event pages.


The event did manage to:
  • Install drainage pipe in an area that's often waterlogged
  • Put on a great treasure hunt
  • Have kids making fire with flints and birch wood
  • Have the kids making bread on a campfire

There were many other activities that were not used. It felt like we’d planned for a great community day and we are still to organize an event and showcase what we have to offer.

Many thanks to Jay and Tom, two mountain bikers from High Green who helped us for a hour or so (digging trench in picture two up). With their skilled trench digging, together we managed to break the back of the work and allowed us to install a large drainage pipe. This will prevent the who picnic area becoming boggy and the path flooding and becoming muddy when the weather’s wet.

A great event and when people eventually turn up next time it will be a huge success.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Family Fun and Work Event Advirtisement

 Greno Woods Family Fun and Work Day Saturday 6th July 10 AM

Trail maintenance and family funday

Help us carry out drainage work whilst the children join our organised woodland activities.
Located at Sandy Lane at the top end of the Trans Peninne Trail in Greno Woods 10 AM to 3 PM Saturday 6th July

Bring spades, sturdy boots, gloves, the kids and enthusiasm. Children to be accompanied by adults.

Childrens activities include:
- Den building
- Treasure hunt
- Campfire building
- Bread making
- Plant and bug search
- Make and decorate twig stars
- Butterfly spotting



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Signs removed on NCN6

I Went out last night to check the signing between Ringinglow but unfortunately all signs have been removed on Burbage and Stanage. We had tried to do this signing sensitively and only put up signs where there is a need to ensure that cyclists who are following the route go the right way, but would be happy to discuss with any concerned parties how we can make them less intrusive. 

On the plus side the rest of the signing looked OK and I have started to nail up plasticised signs in locations where there are no convenient sign posts such as the Thornhill trail. 

On another plus side, the moors are looking stunning at the moment! 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Miracle on the trail in Shiregreen, Sheffield

On Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June, volunteers transformed the Trans Pennine Trail between Barnsley Road and Ecclesfield Road in Shiregreen. The Scouts supported the Trans Pennine Trail and Sustrans route by litter picketing a 1 mile stretch of green way through Hartley Brook. Over 40 volunteers  turned up and in a very short time brought the area back to being a treasured green space. During the clear up the group even found a dumped surf board. Over the two days we cleared 40 bags of rubbish.

The route through Shiregreen is often forgotten and neglected by all and this green space in the centre of a residential area and full of rubbish waiting for rejuvenation. After the two evenings we managed to clear a 1 mile length of trail.

The voluntary work the 231st Shiregreen Scout Troop and Don District Explorer Scouts did follows a very busy time for the group having just cleared fly tippling and litter in Beeley Wood as part of the Scout Association's Community Week.

 Wendnesday Evening the 12 -14 year olds

Wendnesday Evening the 14 -16 year olds

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beeley Woods Public Bridleway

In timely manner given that a bunch of us cycled through it last night, I received notification from the Council this morning that the Beeley Woods Public Bridleway creation order has now been created. 

If confirmed, this means that the Sheffield North Rangers can start talking to the Council about signing as part of NCN627 . 

The Bluebells are out...

Saturday, 1 June 2013

NCN6 to Castleton now Signed

A small group of us have signed the NCN6 alignment through the Hope Valley. Doing it reminded us what a fabulous route it is.

The hard climb out of Sheffield is rewarded when you reach Derbyshire.

And are rewarded by a sea of heather. Come in the Autumn when it is bright purple, or any time!

Further rewards are given as the Hope Valley comes into view and when you swoop down to Yorkshire Bridge. Our route takes you across the Ladybower Dam before joining a lesser-known trail for a short while and then along tiny lanes to Hope. A harsh reminder of the modern world lies at Pindale Quarry but the tourist trap of Castleton and the Shivering Mountain await you...if you make it to Manchester will a Rusholme curry ever taste this good again?

Anyway, here we are putting up some signs (following the Sustrans guide of course)

read a route description here.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Clean-up at Prince of Wales Rd, 11th May

About 20 bags of rubbish collected and a much better environment. Here's the team looking pleased with themselves.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sustrans wins at award ceremony!

Josh Jones, our Student Volunteer , won the award for "Inspire and be Inspired at the Sheffield Volunteering awards last night (29th April) . Here he is collecting his award. 

Meanwhile, Polly Blacker and Tony Cornah, also Sustrans Volunteers were up for an award, not for Sustrans work but for the Homework Club they run in Broomhall (I don't know how they find the time!)
So here they are collecting their award for Student Friendly Voluntary Organisation of the Year. 

Well done all of you! 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Manor Clean-up, 11th May

We're having a clean-up in the Manor area on 11th May

Meet in the Travelodge car park off Prince of Wales Rd, 10a.m. It's OK to park there and we can use toilets in the nearby garage. (For cyclists it's just straight up NCN627 from the canal basin.)

From there hopefully we'll have enough people to send teams in both directions. My old camper van has been fired up for the summer seasons so we should be able to do brews, take shelter in case of summer storms etc.

I'd like to make it at full day event (10-4) so we can get as much as possible done in one day, but if you can only come for an hour or two, that's fine. If you've got litter-pickers, bin bags etc bring 'em along. Spread the word!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Litter Picking Parson Cross

Tim Hess writes:

Today was a good day for maintenance of the trail. The ever neglected TPT through Parsons cross’s Tongue Gutter, that feeds to Hartley Brook and eventually Chapeltown Greenway had some essential attention. What always surprises me about so called run down areas is that the community often are very welcoming and willing to get involved. The day started with me putting up posters for the next litter picking event on the 23rd March where I am hoping to get more community involvement. My first stop was ASDA on Chaucer Rd. I met Kerry from ASDA who had unbounded enthusiasm towards community activities. She wanted to promote the event on the 23rd and will try to get involvement though local Schools and people from the store. Even offering free fruit and drinks for the event and paid staff to join us. I then put posters up at key community points and went on to the trail.

At 10 AM no-one appeared. After a while Jon Fyne came along and Jon and I continued alone clearing the trail. See before and after shots. I had hoped that the new recruit rangers would have joined me as planned. Maybe some of the recruits will come forward in the near future and get involved. I am hoping so as I still have two roles to allocate out and five potential people to get involved.

Towards the end of our session two young boys came up and asked if they could help. I said that they were too young for me to look after without one of their parents there. Then half an hour later the entire family came out, three boys and a young girl called Lucy and their dad Matt. They all helped out and made a real difference to part of the  trail in the end we covered about 300 meters of the trail.

Come on everyone come and join us on the 23rd of March? The weather and company can’t get any better!

Friday, 1 March 2013

NCN6 re-routed - Sheffield.

Pleased to announce that, thanks to some sterling community work by Polly Blacker, the Friends of Lynwood Gardens and the residents of Guernsey Rd and Park Crescent have allowed us to re-route NCN6 through the Gardens. The route will now go through quiet streets and an urban wildlife reserve rather than Glossop Rd and Clarkehouse Roads, which, although they have cycle lanes on them, some of these are part-time only and the roads are very busy and quite hazardous.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Big Thanks to Judith

Judith Rutnam has stepped down as a Sustrans Volunteer - she has an aged mother as well  as a horse to look after so she no longer has the time.

Here she is on the horse:

We wish her well for the future.