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Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Photos from rides w/c 14th Sept 2015

Every picture tells a story they say...

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Integrated Transport on the Hythe Pier Ferry train

This little train gets you to the end of the pier for the ferry to Southampton. Bikes carried!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Beighton sorted

Have been advised today that the work at Beighton  is complete. I'll go out and take a look when I get a chance but from the photos it looks good. Now we just need to get the rest of the track over Beighton Tip done to the same standard!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Changes around Meadowhall

Things are happening around Meadowhall - not all good, but hey...

 The dreadful concrete barriers have gone at this location and replaced by bollards with a new surface.
The surface continues to the crossing of Meadowhall Road which sadly is as dangerous as it ever was!
 Up at Halfpenny Bridge the new "Bus Rapid Transit" Bridge (seems to be more like a "Car Rapid Transit" route as it turns out) is coming along - we were promised our route back in August, let's see. The diversion via Sheffield Rd, ably signed by Ted is more or less usable and the link from Bessemer Way to the Canal has been re-surfaced, giving us the long-promised connection from NCN6 to Magna (also handy for the Planet X bike shop which was why I was up there)
 Looking South-West from Tinsley you wouldn't know you were in such an urban and industrial area - just the road from the M1 gives it away. I hear that the air pollution in Tinsley is now so bad that the schools are under threat of closure  - watch out for an interview with me about this on the One Show, 17-21 Aug.

There were quite a lot of folk using the routes despite the disruption, which was good to see.  There are also few bad boys on scooters and motorbikes using the towpath and we need some action on this.

Closer to Sheffield on Carbrook St, there have been some changes to the route due to the BRT scheme - nice to see some re-surfacing but what's this all about? (Thanks to CycleSheffield for the photo)

Friday, 31 July 2015

City Pride

Sustrans Rangers Sheffield support Sheffield City Council's anti-litter campaign.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sorting out Beighton

Pleased to report that the section of track shown in the 3rd picture below is due to be re-surfaced starting August 10th. This is the report I sent in to council officers in May.

We cycled in from Lincoln to Sheffield on Monday. On arrival at Sheffield this is what we found:

Widespread litter on Tye Rd
Graffiti and vandalisation at the access point to "Linleybank meadows"

The steep bank at the access to the bridge over the A57 is heavily deteriorated. 

This is now a serious hazard and someone is going to do themselves a serious injury soon if it is not remedied. 

I know I've had difficulty persuading officers of this in the past but the original route took a curved trajectory so that the gradient was not so steep. I now have a witness to this (the gentleman in the picture.) 

Obviously I will keep this notification on file so that if an accident does take place I can advise the victim that this issue was notified to the council. 

I have to say that having spent the weekend cycling round Lincolnshire and NE Derbyshire on cycle routes that were either excellent or good it was quite depressing to get back to get back to Sheffield and be greeted by this. 


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Out and About on NCN6

On Saturday, 11th July, we removed diversion signs around Blonk St, no longer needed now that the work on the Cobweb Bridge is complete, got some graffiti off the bridge itself, and had a look at what signing was needed around Broomhall now that the new lighting is in place (they took some of our signs away with the old lamp-posts)

Also this week, had the pleasure of visiting the ParcelForce depot in Rotherham, so had to use the diversion around the Halfpenny Bridge. Pleased to report that this more or less works now - the area has been cleaned up a bit, kerbs have been dropped and the intrusive vegetation removed. It took a while but the benefits will outlast the Bus Rapid Transit works for local residents.

On the Five Weirs Walk, the budleia that was threatening to being down the retaining wall between Newhall Rd and Bold St has finally been removed.

We detected needle use between Blonk St and the Cobweb Bridge on the 5WW - don't get a sharp in your tyre or your foot!