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Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Ranger Reports 2017

Craig says:-

Spent an hour or so this afternoon sweeping glass (not as much as last time) from Manor Lane all the way up to Prince of Wales Rd.

Rode it this morning with a view to coming out this PM if needed. It was - I got a puncture as well.

Anyway, all good now.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Ranger Reports Jan 2017

John says:-

I popped out this morning and replaced the sign on the post we noted yesterday. I’m not sure my efforts will last long! I gave the post a good wipe but I didn’t think the sign felt very secure.  Some idiot will no doubt find it easy to peel off.

On the way I noticed that a metal sign in Sussex Street, just after the Cobweb bridge, was pointing in slightly the wrong way.  I straightened it but it was rather loose.  It needs tightening with a spanner.  I’m happy to pop back with a spanner if necessary.

On my way back, as I emerged slowly from the underpass near Decathlon, having rung my bell, a runner with headphones on ran straight into me at full speed. He fell sprawling on the floor.  I didn’t actually fall off but he knocked my front light flying.  He was very apologetic.

I will try and record my time, if I can remember how!

Polly and Tony say:-

Polly and I did our route inspection yesterday morning (we hope other rangers had fun on the 5WW).

Our report :
No significant fly tipping.
There were lots of blown-down twigs/branches on the path through the woods so we'll clear them up when we next do an inspection ride over the weekend 11/12 Feb.
We met 2 trail bikers coming out of the woods just as we were going in. When asked they said they were leaving because they'd just been told they weren't allowed there. The bikes had no license plates and they rode off along Claywheels Lane.

We'll let people know more precise timing for our next inspection so that others can join us if they want to.

Take care, Tony & Polly

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Out on the Five Weirs Walk with the Ranger Crew

4 of us set off from Sheffield Station this morning and made our way along the 5WW to Meadowhall. We were looking out for problems but thankfully there weren't very many - a bit of litter and some of the surfaces a bit muddy but that's about it! Jackie our new ranger is going to look after this section as well as Meadowhall so hopefully we can make it even better.

We picked up Paul and his friend at  Carbrook St and they took us to Planet X who gave us a coffee and showed us their special offers - brilliant stuff!

Although it started off cold once the sun got going it was really quite warn and pleasant.

One thing it was a pleasure to do was to remove the diversion signs from the route as the closures have all been removed - for now! Here's our happy ranger gang hard at it..

Bold St
 Carbrook St

 Temporary Fence Repair under the new "Rapid Car Transit" Bridge

Bold St

We also admired Paul's new Brompton Bag...

With expansion at Meadowhall, the new Ikea store and the Next store already open, we will continue to make it possible to travel sustainably in this area.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Ranger Ride 3rd December

The Sheffield Sustrans Rangers group (some of them anyway) will be sallying forth this Saturday for a ride along NCN6, from Sheffield Station to Ringinglow.

Weather permitting, local ranger Kevin has offered to take us up his stretch and show us all the good bits as well as the not-so-good. (Although this is the least problematic of the NCN sections in Sheffield there are still some issues.)

We are measuring barriers to check they are DDA compliant and I hear that Oakbrook coffee shop is a nice calling in point.

Meet-up will be at 10 at Sheffield Station and we will aim to be finished by 2.

Weather's looking OK  - pretty much like today, maybe even some sun - but if you're coming along wrap up as we go slowly and stop a lot.

All welcome to join us.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

News and Events, October 2017

Firstly, I'd like to welcome two new Rangers to the fold - Adam Batty and Nick Woodford. Both have transferred in from other areas. Adam is going to focus on liaison with Sheffield City Council as well as comms and I have yet to settle on a role with Nick.

We had a successful session at the Volunteering Fair with 21 students registering an interest. Converting those EOI's into active volunteers can be a challenge but at least we raised the profile of Sustrans and the TPT. I didn't realise that there was a new Sheffield Cycle Map out until the TPT office office sent me some - these proved popular and I have few spare copies if anyone would like one. 

We also had a successful Traffic Monitoring session with CycleSheffield - Thanks to everyone who came. This is was quite different from the events we've had before as there was no aggression from motorists and a lot of thumbs up from pedestrians and cyclists. In the event only one or two cars stopped before 9:25. It seems that pointing a GoPro camera at people makes a remarkable difference to their behaviour! I think CycleSheffield were quite successful at talking to cyclists with a view to signing them up as members as well. It was good to see Parking Services taking action as well. 

We have the following events in the diary:-

22/10 - Next Working Morning, 10-2. We haven't decided what to do for this one yet so if you have any ideas mail 'em in. 

10/12 Working Morning - We could be into bad weather by then so will play that one by ear. 

28/1/17 Planning Meeting. This is to sketch out a plan for the first 6 months of 2017 - activities rides, who's doing what etc. This will be a key meeting for 2017 so please do your utmost to attend. 

Non-Sustrans cycling events:-  

4/10 CycleSheffield meeting - 7 p.m. Fat Cat (upstairs), Alma St My good friend Damien O'Tuama, of, Dublin Cycling Campaign and now a Board member of the European Cyclists Federation is stopping by on his way to an ECF meeting is Brussels to give us a talk on campaigning in Ireland and what's happening on the European campaign. In the era of post-Brexit it seems to me to be particularly important that we keep abreast of European best practice in cycling so I think this should be a particularly interesting session. 

15/10 Friends of the TPT AGM, Wigfield Farm. 1-3 followed by tea and cakes. I could organise a ride up to this if anyone's interested. There is some additional resurfacing of the trail going on on the section leading to Worsborough we could have a look at. To attend the AGM you need to be a member, this is possible via the membership form at - or we could arrange for you to join at the meeting. We are working on a proper online membership system but it's not ready yet. When it is we will have a membership drive. 

15/10 East Midlands Cycle Forum. Parish Centre Stonegravels, 91 Sheffield Rd, B6057, Chesterfield S41 7JH, UK. 10:30  - 16:00 Including a ride. A meet-up with cycling advocates from across the E. Mids. There's a lot of commuting between this area and Sheffield so this could be of interest. Chesterfield is making good progress with cycling infrastructure - better than Sheffield in fact. 

19/11 Cyclenation Conference, St Albans - the conference of the National Federation of Cycle Campaign Groups. Always interesting and there is an infrastructure safari in London the next day. 


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Keeping Sheffield Stainless

I'm really proud of the work Kevin, Paul & myself did on Cricket Inn Rd this morning - here's some pics:

We even found a sign...
This bit of path goes around the back of the derelict pub, the pavement at the front not being wide enough for a cycle track. Maybe at some point the pub will be knocked down and we could have a more direct path in, but it would require a fair bit of construction work because of the gradients.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Improvements near Conisbrough Viaduct

We’ve had a date from the contractors to start work on NCN 62 / TPT  improvements near Conisbrough Viaduct  - September 19th . The path will remain open but people should take notice of contractors directions etc.  So if you're heading up that way, be aware!