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Friday, 29 August 2008

Litter Action

We have joined Litter Action - see

If you're bothered about litter on the NCN but don't really feel you have time to sign up as a Sustran Ranger please join our group. We will let you know when a litter pick is coming up and you can choose whether to come along.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Summary of issues

I Inspected Richmond - Sheffield City Centre section of the
Trans-Pennine Trail/National Cycle Network yesterday and noted the
following issues.

Firstly, the signs have been replaced, particularly at the junction
where the routes 6 & 67 diverge. Many thanks for that. I will ask the
local rangers to keep an eye on them and report any vandalism so we can hopefully
nip it in the bud (leia!).

Broken glass on section near Travelodge, just beyond Prince of Wales Rd

Broken glass and litter between Beaumont Rd Nth & Manor Way,
particularly around the access points. I am please to note that the
litter bin at Manor Way
has not been vandalised and is well used - more litter bins at access
points would relieve the general litter problem.

Flooding at Waltheof - this is a recurrent drainage problem.

Broken glass on section alongside the parkway, by Victoria Wharf

As there is a Bank Holiday coming up could we arrange for this entire
section to be mechanically swept afterwards - it is always
in a very poor state after bank holidays.

Photos etc at

Elsewhere on the NCN the following issues have been reported:-
Litter at High Hazel park (upper entrance)

On the Weirs Walk East Coast Rd - Stephenson Rd section the bench and
rubbish bin have been vandalized.
The bin near Sanderson's Weir has been burnt out.
Wheelie bin in river Don near norfolk Bridge

Porter Valley. Clough Lane - where the off-road route splits from the
on-road the sign has been vandalized.
The bridleway avoiding Forge Dame is in need of repair

Elsewhere in the city the following issues have been reported:-

A sign is needed to direct cyclists up Meetinghouse lane when
following Markets - University route.

Broken Glass on the cycle way bridge crossing Coleridge Rd (This is a
recurrent problem)

Poor maintenance of cycle lanes around Darnall Main Rd/Prince of Wales Rd.

Flora St - trees need cutting back

Another 5WW Clean-up

Gawd that 5WW gets a lot of attention!

The River Stewards have organised a clean-up event on the Five Weirs Walk for August the 23rd, 9am -12, trimming back along the Stevenson to East Coast road section.

If you are interested in joining them please contact Hannah Shaw
( at

Sustrans Liaison Ranger - Sheffield

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Signs!

Replacement signs have finally been erected on the Sheffield - Rother Valley section. I'm not sure that the route numbers are correct but at least it's quite clear which way to go now.

Sustrans Rangers will be doing their best to make sure they are not vandalised like the adjacent sign.

Flooding problem at Waltheof

A new section of route has emerged on Blonk St.This will eventually link the Five Weirs Walk and the Rother Valley route - another piece of the jigsaw.