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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

TPT Fun Day, Nov 1st 2008

FieldArt in conjunction with Sheffield University School of
Architecture and others have arranged an aftermoon event this
Saturday, the 1st November between 2 & 4. They are looking at ways to
regenerate the old station at Grange Lane on the Chapeltown Greenway.
I've put their flyer up at
and there is more info at

The station is about a mile away from Meadowhall Park'n'ride - or just
follow the Five Weirs Walk from Effingham Rd, noting diversion around
the Thessco section, and follow blue signs for Parsons Cross at
Meadowhall ( don't take the Forest Loop *& note diversion around new
hotel development at Barrow Rd. )

I hope to get along myself - maybe see you there.

Sheffield University Awayday

A small team from Sheffield University held an Awayday on Oct 27th, clearing overgrown budleia from a section of the Five Weirs Walk. Everyone said they really enjoyed it and they certainly left the path in a much better condition...

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Text of article for Up and Over

There has been quite a lot of work going on in the Sheffield/NE Derbyshire area. As you will all
be aware we got quite badly hit by the June 07 and January 08 storms, and it is taking a long time to get everything back to standard. Additionally we were hit by cable thefts on our two iconic Cobweb
and Bailey bridges, and the city centre sections have been affected by large development projects.

At the time of writing the City Centre to Wicker Arches section of the Five Weirs Walk is still closed, although we hope it will be open soon. The Warren St to Norfolk Bridge section has just been resurfaced and is open for business, although the next section where the Pergola was damaged is still closed. There are temporary NCN stickers up so you can make your way to East Coast Rd, and after that the route is open. Meadowhall has completed the rebuilding of its flood defences, although the bridge over to Meadowhall Rd is still closed. The hotel at Meadowhall is nearly complete so that will dispose of another tricky diversion. The River Stewards have been helping us run clean-up events along the Walk.

The trail alongside Hartley Brook has recently been resurfaced as well.

Heading East and South, the developers at the site next to Park Square have done a great job of keeping the route open. We still have problems up at the Manor, but one of our rangers, Craig Malkin is working to get the kids at the Park Academy to take ownership of the part of the route that runs alongside the premises.

Sheffield Council put up new signs at the junction at Richmond where routes 6 & 67 diverge after years of prompting. Unfortunately one of them got pulled down almost immediately! A more robust solution is needed here. The Beighton tip site has been landscaped and you now have the option of heading over the top as well as alongside the Mosborough Parkway. Some sections along here have been resurfaced as well.

Sheffield Green Drinks run a series of monthly events where thy visit different 'Green' initiatives around the city. I managed to persuade them to take a "Round the airport" bike ride on the NCN - I wasn't able to go on it myself, although some of my colleagues in Pedal Pushers went, and I hear they had a thoroughly good time. People were amazed at the beauty of Bowden Housteads Wood, and appalled at the fact that Sheffield had driven the Parkway through them, in equal measures.

Heading south towards Chesterfield, some long-awaited resurfacing work is taking place around Renishaw. The route around Staveley is still disrupted, and local rangers Paul and Pip and have been doing their utmost to ensure that diversion signs remain in place. I hear there are plans for a new bridge across the River Rother in Chesterfield.

Pedal Pushers "Cyclists Specials which run out to Waterthorpe, near Rother Valley have been very popular, and bike rides have taken advantage of the various trail options, either down towards Chesterfield,
eastwards on NCN6 to Worksop and Clumber Park, or northwards towards Rotherham.

A new cycle track alongside Penistone Rd has been designated part of NCN6 by Sustrans. As it is an urban cycle route it should be regarded as part of the NCN rather than the TPT - however, when complete it should link with the TPT at Oughtibridge, with a new cyclepath through Beeley Woods.

So with all this in place, by spring 09 we should have a fully functioning network of TPT and linking routes in Sheffield! When it is all complete we will have some rides to celebrate - look out for details in future editions of Up and Over.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Trail report NE Derbyshire

Paul'n'Pip say:

went for a quick ride round the trail the other day and noted a few things that need some attention.
1. The bridleway from Grove Rd down to Balmoak Lane is severely rutted (as bad as when we had the floods the other year)
2. The sign on Recreation Road pointing (or rather not) to Grove Way is damaged and pointing in the wrong direction.
3.Sign on Manor Rd between Brooke Drive and Recreation Rd is obscured by a house for sale sign, the for sale sign is virtually touching the TPT sign.
4. One of the signs on Dovedale Rd/ Bamford Rd directing you into Westwood has been stolen the other sign for going in the opposite direction ie towards the Arkwright Line is still okay.
5. The Arkwright Line where it runs along side Bamford Rd needs cutting back.
6. Diversion signs around Staveley road works missing, stolen and obscured by other street furniture and signs ie fly posters etc.
7. Bluebank Loop (old railway line that runs parallel to the canal) is muddy and a poor surface for cycling on.
8. The canal towpath is worn and bumpy in places - needs some patching in places.
Paul n Pip

Friday, 29 August 2008

Litter Action

We have joined Litter Action - see

If you're bothered about litter on the NCN but don't really feel you have time to sign up as a Sustran Ranger please join our group. We will let you know when a litter pick is coming up and you can choose whether to come along.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Summary of issues

I Inspected Richmond - Sheffield City Centre section of the
Trans-Pennine Trail/National Cycle Network yesterday and noted the
following issues.

Firstly, the signs have been replaced, particularly at the junction
where the routes 6 & 67 diverge. Many thanks for that. I will ask the
local rangers to keep an eye on them and report any vandalism so we can hopefully
nip it in the bud (leia!).

Broken glass on section near Travelodge, just beyond Prince of Wales Rd

Broken glass and litter between Beaumont Rd Nth & Manor Way,
particularly around the access points. I am please to note that the
litter bin at Manor Way
has not been vandalised and is well used - more litter bins at access
points would relieve the general litter problem.

Flooding at Waltheof - this is a recurrent drainage problem.

Broken glass on section alongside the parkway, by Victoria Wharf

As there is a Bank Holiday coming up could we arrange for this entire
section to be mechanically swept afterwards - it is always
in a very poor state after bank holidays.

Photos etc at

Elsewhere on the NCN the following issues have been reported:-
Litter at High Hazel park (upper entrance)

On the Weirs Walk East Coast Rd - Stephenson Rd section the bench and
rubbish bin have been vandalized.
The bin near Sanderson's Weir has been burnt out.
Wheelie bin in river Don near norfolk Bridge

Porter Valley. Clough Lane - where the off-road route splits from the
on-road the sign has been vandalized.
The bridleway avoiding Forge Dame is in need of repair

Elsewhere in the city the following issues have been reported:-

A sign is needed to direct cyclists up Meetinghouse lane when
following Markets - University route.

Broken Glass on the cycle way bridge crossing Coleridge Rd (This is a
recurrent problem)

Poor maintenance of cycle lanes around Darnall Main Rd/Prince of Wales Rd.

Flora St - trees need cutting back

Another 5WW Clean-up

Gawd that 5WW gets a lot of attention!

The River Stewards have organised a clean-up event on the Five Weirs Walk for August the 23rd, 9am -12, trimming back along the Stevenson to East Coast road section.

If you are interested in joining them please contact Hannah Shaw
( at

Sustrans Liaison Ranger - Sheffield

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Signs!

Replacement signs have finally been erected on the Sheffield - Rother Valley section. I'm not sure that the route numbers are correct but at least it's quite clear which way to go now.

Sustrans Rangers will be doing their best to make sure they are not vandalised like the adjacent sign.

Flooding problem at Waltheof

A new section of route has emerged on Blonk St.This will eventually link the Five Weirs Walk and the Rother Valley route - another piece of the jigsaw.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Five Weirs Walk Clean-up

Five Weirs Walk Clean-up

Join us for a clean-up session on the Five Weirs Walk, 6-8p.m. Wed 11 June. Meet Fell St entrance. Bring Gloves and any tools you can (Shovels, Secateurs etc)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Five Weirs Walk Clean-up

Join us for a clean-up session on the Five Weirs Walk, 6-8p.m. Wed 21 May. Meet Newhall Rd Bridge. Bring Gloves.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Signing ride 26th April

I conducted a signing ride from Beighton to Ecclesfield on Route 67 and I think I can confirm that temporary signing is in place throughout.
The key locations that require permanent signing are:

Mosborough Parkway where routes 6 & 67 split. This has been requested many times and we were told that signs had been ordered but nothing has appeared.

Chapeltown Greenway where the "forest loop" and the main route diverge. Signs are still pointing in the wrong direction here and direct people to walk along the active railway line.

Other issues I noted were:

There is litter throughout. Particularly bad were:

Arena - Shepcote lane. (Tinsley Park Rd) Rocks had been placed here to prevent vehicles entering for fly-tipping but these have been moved so fly-tipping has returned

Stone Lane/Coisley Hill.

Maintenance/other issues:-

High Hazel Park - Europa Link. This has an impressive breed line and muddy section on the downhill section - the most dangerous parts are obscured by dips. As this could be taken at quite a high speed it is particularly hazardous.

Off-road motorcyclists are a problem at Beighton & around the fringes of Rother Valley Country Park.

There is a potential link between Eckington and Renishaw. This is a very fast & narrow road. The pavement is quite good and wouldn't take very much upgrading for shared use. Are we in Derbyshire here?

Off the NCN, Mill Lane between between Mosborough and Renishaw, is sadly infested with fly-tipping.

Are the TPT offfice, Sustrans Streetforce and other street cleansing agencies doing anything to link with the CPRE's
Stop the Drop litter campaign, headed by Bill Bryson?


Simon Geller
Sustrans Liaison Ranger - Sheffield /NE derbyshire

Monday, 7 April 2008

Sustrans Rangers Convene in Sheffield

Rangers convene at Sheffield Station for a pre-conference ride

..and at the Manor Way for a look at the "litter bin!"

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ranger Day 5th April

We are hosting a Regional Ranger Day in Sheffield on April 5th. It is being held in historic Firth Court, the central administrative building for Sheffield University.

For information on how to get there click here

For cycle specific information click here

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Lower Don Route Inspection, 2nd March 2008

There are signs on Cutlers Way (NIRR) indicating that the TPT is in the direction of the Parkway. (picture to follow) Has this now become a premiere walking and cycling route? I don't think so. Have put some temporary signs up directing users along Effingham St (B6073).

In addition to the known route closure, a tree has blown over near Washford Bridge,
Attercliffe Rd. Apart from the new phase 6b section, therefore, none of the 5ww is open for cycling until you get to Stevenson RD.

Stevenson Road entrance - glass from a broken windscreen covers the access point.

Broken glass at Blast Lane subway.

Litter on approach route to Valley Centretainment from Attercliffe Rd (Carbrook Hall pub)

On the plus side, the bin at Manor Way has not been vandalised and is in use. The litter problem
has by no means gone away but is a lot better. I feel this fully justifies the action we took and look forward to seeing more bins installed at strategic locations along this part of the trail, particularly the access points where kids tend to gather.

Out of the area:

Broken glass at access point for Heath - gave me a puncture.

Off the TPT:

There's a big pile of litter by the Don Valley Bowl entrance to Ice Sheffield, ripe for getting blown about.

The whole of the Sheffield Arena to Woodburn Rd route is in poor condition, with the Don Valley Bowl to Arena section particularly unusable due to broken glass. There is fly-tipping in the housing estate to the rear of Virgin Media.

Cycle parking at Granville Sq tramstop would be very useful for cycle park'n'ride.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

New bin on Manor Way

Following the Chaining a bin to the Signpost stunt, Sheffield City Council have at last installed a bin at this location. How long it will last remains to be seen. Unfortunately the bin I chained up has completely disappeared, although I suspect I might find it somewhere on the cycle route at some point!