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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sustrans Ranger Ride, 25th March

We had a great ride on Sunday - it was  a perfect day and three of us set off from Sheffield Station, picking our way through the detritus on the Manor before zooming through Richmond. At Rother Valley, a little late, we met Ted and Jay and continued on the High Road through to Rotherham,

 Discarded motorbike, Carbrook Ravine
Fixing a sign nr. Ulley 

Coming back along the canal from Rotherham, we were pleased to see that the route had been kept open during the building of the new football stadium.

Jay told us about the problems he has transporting his daughter around in a bike trailer. The access barriers that Sheffield insists on installing make it almost impossible to use the bike trails. Yet another example of how Sheffield City Council, by denying access to legitimate users, is driving down usage of the trail and discouraging healthy active travel and fitness.  
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