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Sunday, 11 March 2012

NCN update

Managed to get out  finally to have a look at progress with the  Connect 2 scheme at Killamarsh (took the Brompton out on Supertram - by now it might have been possible to take a regular bike out on the trial scheme but Supertram have renegued on that one)

As you can see the route is taking shape It's not open yet although there is a opening ceremony this Wednesday, the 14th March. Sad to see that draconian access barriers are going in to keep as many legitimate users as possible off the route, but that's Sheffield  City Council policy. (They haven't read LTN 2/08 and they don't intend to)
 These gents are looking after the scheme.

Keeping Motorbikes off the National Cycle Network

 As you can see this access barrier has been carefully positioned to ensure that a Brompton rider is stopped in their tracks - those Bromptoneers are known for their high speeds and anti-social behaviour after all

Luckily if your handlebars are wider than the Brompton standard, you will be able to ride around the barrier as Sheffield City Council have thoughtfully ensured that there are no other obstacles for at least half a mile on either side of the barrier.  Nevertheless I am sure that these barriers were an an excellent use of taxpayers money.

Icebergs spotted on NCN6

Here we see the boulders that caused a cyclist to have a serious injury recently, painted white by persons unknown.
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