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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fwd: FREE cycle app now available

Forwarded from Sustrans:

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Dear Simon

Finally, the National Cycle Network app

Download our FREE 'The complete National Cycle Network' iPhone app today and explore:

  • 25,000 miles of route (including all 13,000 miles of the Network)
  • great local detail (over 90,000 points of interest including shops, schools, bike shops, accommodation and attractions)
  • GPS tracking (record your route and share it with your friends, even if they don't have an iPhone)
  • every bus stop and train station in the country with links to their timetables
'The complete National Cycle Network'
A great 'go-to' app for getting around everyday - download it for FREE!

Monsal Trail Tunnels are Open

The official opening of the Monsal Trail tunnels happened yesterday, creating a new cycle route between Bakewell and Chee Dale (links between Matlock and Buxton are also being  built, but I'm not sure of the status of these)

Sheffield Sustrans Volunteers didn't get invited to the opening ceremony, but Sheffield Cyclists, including Volunteers, Slobs and Cyclesheffield people did get out for a ride-through in the evening:-

& Here's a vid from @ianloasby

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sustrans Ranger Ride, 24th May

New recruit Ian Belton and recent recruit Tim Allen came on a ride to Rother Valley and did a bit of signing en route:-

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sustrans Ranger Rides

A future date for your diary  - Sustrans NCN6 Sheffield to Manchester Trailblazing ride, 13th August, starts 10:00 Sheffield Station. 

Cobweb Bridge

The Cobweb Bridge has had temporary repairs and is open at the moment. However, it is going to receive an entire new deck so it will be closed again for a while when this is done. We'll leave the diversion signs in place until this is finished.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Routes revision in Sheffield

We had a planning session in Sheffield recently to plan the rationalisation of the meandering, myriad of National Cycle Network routes in Sheffield.

We agreed that:

NCN 67 should go from Chesterfield to Leeds via Rotherham and Barnsley

NCN 6 should go from Nottingham to Manchester via Worksop, Sheffield and across the Peak District on a new route…

And NCN (three figure number - to be determined, perhaps 627?) will pick up the open and proposed sections which links up the centres of Doncaster – Rotherham – Sheffield – Hillsborough and Penistone.

The other NCN routes in Sheffield are interim routes which (in the fullness of time) will become reclassified as local routes and will be signed as “this way to (x)”.

Route 6 would cross the Peak District on a new route utilising the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal, the collapsed A road at Mam Tor, existing rural lanes, a section of the Pennine Bridleway, the Sett Valley Trail, the dam of Ladybower reservoir, an existing signed route through Sheffield…

So the new routes should look something like these diagrams-

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Route Closure - Chesterfield Canal

Please see information from Chesterfield contact officer Gemma Gregory, Regarding the closures in Staveley. 

Chesterfield Canal (GENERAL) - There are unfortunately two TPT closures on the Chesterfield Canal towpath / TPT in the coming period (Spring/Summer 2011).  Derbyshire County Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, but all of the closures will bring significant investment and improvement to the Canal and the TPT in the short to medium term.  Please use the diversion routes signed on the ground and if you experience any problems with signing or notices then please ring Tapton Lock Visitor Centre on 01246 551035.  Updated 18th May 2011

Chesterfield Canal, Staveley - There is a 300m section of the TPT / Canal towpath to the north of Hall Lane in Staveley which is currently closed to all users.  This is a temporary situation due to the ongoing works to create a new canal basin for the Chesterfield Canal on this site.  The work commenced on 21st February 2011, and is planned to last for 34 weeks.  The Trail is closed and diverted during the canal basin works and an alternative route through the centre of Staveley will be advertised and signed on site.  A new, fully re-surfaced section of Trail should be created as part of the canal basin works and will be made available to all users as soon as practically possible (hopefully well before the end of the 34-week build). Updated 18th May 2011

Just to the south of Hall Lane, there is another 300m section of closure.  This is a temporary situation during works by the Chesterfield Canal Trust Work Party Volunteers to create new wash walls as part of the restoration of the canal in this location.  A new, fully re-surfaced section of Trail should be created as part of the canal restoration works and will be made available to all users as soon as practically possible. Updated 18th May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011

Quick Spin on the Network

Had a quick ridearound on Sunday & this is what I found:-

 Gave this info board a spruce-up with Graffiti wipes. There are still remnants of Graffiti but at least you can read it!

 We warned the council 2 or 3 years ago that if they didn't remove the budleia along here it would start to break up the brickwork and threaten the integrity of the river bank. Well, it's happened! 

Meadowhall access to Chapeltown Greenway  - it looks good but there is glass around, beware!

General condition of the Parts of the Network I looked at-

5 Weirs Walk  -Good (Cobweb Bridge looks open for good.)
Chapeltown Greenway - Good.
Hillsborough - City Link  - Good

I also applied some destination stickers at Blonk St, Rutland Rd & Livesey St & had a very pleasant ridearound!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sustrans Ranger Ride, 24th May

A quick heads-up that there will be a Ranger Ride on 24th May - over to Rother Valley & back to show Judith & Ian, our new rangers, around the route. Returning via the "Round the Airport" route. We'll take a few temp signs in case we see anything obvious that needs re-signing, but it's not a signing  or maintenance ride as such. Meet 5:30 at Barkers Pool (City Hall) or elsewhere by arrangement.