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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Five Weirs Walk

A quick amend to my former blog post on this. Dick from the council has pointed out that not all the proposals are funded. He says: 

...estimate of around £750k for tarmac surfacing (to Rotherham boundary), £100K for the Cobweb Bridge, leaving (maybe) £250k for the other 9 (I think) interventions.  We need these last 9 prioritising because we don't think that there will be enough funding to do all 9 interventions with whatever is left after the tarmac and cobweb bridge works.  We won't probably, therefore, be able to fix 'just about every problem' on the 5WW - don't want to raise expectations too far.

I got late to the meeting so perhaps didn't pick up on this point in my euphoria! 

What will definitely happen is cobweb bridge and tarmacing to Rotherham. 

The other proposals are: 
Crossing at Blonk St.
Leveson St to  Warren St Crossing point
Improved crossing of East Coast Rd
Link between 5WW & Wincobank
Meadowhall Way crossing
East Coast Rd to Stevenson Rd resurfacing
Milford St to Carbrook St improvement
Link to Tinsley. 

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