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Friday, 8 December 2017

Sheffield Ranger News - December 8th 2017

Route Report - NCN6 Porter Valley

Kevin says - I did a route check today. The trail surfaces are suffering a bit, especially near Forge Dam with the rains of Winter on us.
Lots of rubbish at the top of the trail, especially along Clough Lane. People seem to park, have a few drinks, take a few drugs, chuck out the cans and blister packs, have a bit of sex, chuck out the condoms and then move on. Probably don’t even appreciate the scenery.
The nice thing is that people thank me for clearing up and a couple of people said they ought to bring a bag themselves to pick up rubbish. I hope they do.

Colliery Road

This is a road that was closed to traffic and turned into a link from Wincobank to the 5WW - I’m not sure when & it’s not on any mapping I’ve checked as a bike route.

It’s a bit of a mess though - I’ve reported it. If you’re up that way please have a look.

Dates for your diary

9th Dec Sustrans Workday
10 a.m. Sheffield Station

Plan is to put some dabs of luminous paint on bollards and other barriers that have lost their reflectors, or never had any. Manor Way, Prince of Wales Rd & Meadowhall are first stops. If you know of other places that could do with a spot of luminosity let me know. Also having a look at the AMRC link - a bus pull-in at Handsworth may be reducing the width of the cycle path.
It’s going to be cold so wrap up warm.

10th Dec Bio-Diversity Walk

Polly’s leading a walk with student volunteers this Sunday.They'll meet under the concourse outside the Uni of Sheffield Students' Union at 10.30am and walk out along the Sustrans route towards the Peak District going as far as we all feel happy with - probably aiming for Forge Dam cafe to finish (we may go further and then return there).
They  won't be walking fast as we'll be discussing potential future plans for improvements for wildlife along the way, probably for about 3 hours and can return by bus. Contact Polly if you’re interested.

13th Jan Annual Plan Review - Meerbrook HPVC. 11-1. Tea & coffee, wood-burning stove, biscuits.
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