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Monday, 15 August 2016

Doncaster to Bolton-on-Dearne

Hi, I rode the above section of 62 on Sat 13/8 and noted the following

Previously you could get lost at the north end of the Doncaster Greenway. New signage has been put in place through Bentley so this is now fixed. I augmented the signage at the junction under the A19 at Shaftholme. 

The vegetation needs cutting back on the Doncaster Greenway- north end & ramp from river don at south end. I augmented some signage at the fork at Bentley Rise. 

There are fallen trees nth & south of Sprotbrough.

Motorcyclists & quad bikes on Conisborough viaduct. These guys are there every Saturday from my experience so shouldn't be hard to catch.

I had got lost twice at Westfield Lane Barnburgh previously so tried to fix that. I spent some applying signage at the former colliery site before realising that this wasn't on the route at all! However I will be able to fix that by converting the signs to this way to (62) which I've ordered from Jane Chapman. I've also re-signed what appears to be the official route, although note that is signed differently on the Sustrans map from what's on the ground, i.e.NE on furlong lane to Westfield Lane then left onto a track (signs) not SW on furlong lane and go off-road at the River Dearne bridge (map)  - the latter would make more sense for cyclists. 

The network of paths in the colliery area needs needs "Not On Network" signs at all other gates.In fact you could almost market this site as a feature since all paths lead you back to where you started from  - a sort of cyclists maze. I met a guy who was lost as I was putting signs up so clearly it's not just me! 

Talking to some local horse riders they complained about the gates in this area which have  extended handles that are difficult to use from a horse.  Apparently there are now sensors that will open a gate for you - it struck me that if you can get these that will open for a non-motorised user but not motor traffic this could be an alternative to access barriers. Perhaps FOTPT could find funds for a trial? 

Note that the existing signage is vandalised & overgrown and street maintenance is poor in this area.

There is fly-tipping in the lane on e. side of Bolton-on-Dearne station.(Barnsley area)

Of course despite all these defects I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, especially as I was on my new Mountain Bike which makes short work of poor quality surfaces! 

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