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Monday, 4 March 2013

Litter Picking Parson Cross

Tim Hess writes:

Today was a good day for maintenance of the trail. The ever neglected TPT through Parsons cross’s Tongue Gutter, that feeds to Hartley Brook and eventually Chapeltown Greenway had some essential attention. What always surprises me about so called run down areas is that the community often are very welcoming and willing to get involved. The day started with me putting up posters for the next litter picking event on the 23rd March where I am hoping to get more community involvement. My first stop was ASDA on Chaucer Rd. I met Kerry from ASDA who had unbounded enthusiasm towards community activities. She wanted to promote the event on the 23rd and will try to get involvement though local Schools and people from the store. Even offering free fruit and drinks for the event and paid staff to join us. I then put posters up at key community points and went on to the trail.

At 10 AM no-one appeared. After a while Jon Fyne came along and Jon and I continued alone clearing the trail. See before and after shots. I had hoped that the new recruit rangers would have joined me as planned. Maybe some of the recruits will come forward in the near future and get involved. I am hoping so as I still have two roles to allocate out and five potential people to get involved.

Towards the end of our session two young boys came up and asked if they could help. I said that they were too young for me to look after without one of their parents there. Then half an hour later the entire family came out, three boys and a young girl called Lucy and their dad Matt. They all helped out and made a real difference to part of the  trail in the end we covered about 300 meters of the trail.

Come on everyone come and join us on the 23rd of March? The weather and company can’t get any better!
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