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Monday, 13 February 2012

Withdrawal of equipment loan service

Sheffield City Council tell me that the equipment loan service will end on April 1st. This seems a false economy to me given the value of voluntary work to the council. What it will mean for us is that we won't be able to advertise clean-up events on a "just turn up" basis, as 
we won't know whether we have enough equipment to provide for anyone who turns up on spec. 

So I think it's a pretty short-sighted decision, and have written to Leigh Bramall to say so (email text below) You might want to do likewise to


I was very disturbed to learn that the equipment loan service offered by Parks Countryside and Woodlands for clean-ups is to cease on April 1st. Although I appreciate that the Council is under pressure to make cuts it seems to me that this is very much a false economy. Voluntary groups in Sheffield do environmental work that is worth many thousands of pounds to the council  - for example Sustrans Rangers have already put in 29 hours of work this year and uplifted 20 bags of rubbish at a successful litter pick last sunday, working with the local community, See the report at

We would not be able to do this work if we were  not able to loan additional equipment from PCW so that we can be sure that everyone who turns up is given something worthwhile to do. 

I would urge you to re-think this decision  and find a way to continue this service.

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