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Friday, 18 November 2011

Network News

  • Metal Theft is occurring on the Five Weirs Walk - if you see evidence of this please contact the police on 101 and Street Force -, 0114 2734567. If you see it happening try to get a photo of the people involved but don't put yourself in danger. If there's a vehicle parked nearby that might be in use by the thieves try to get the registration number. 
  • Wharncliffe Woods - Forestry Commission says "We are harvesting adjacent to the Plank Gate - felling and extraction to roadside should be finished by next week - it will then just be a matter of how long it takes the merchant to haul the timber out of the wood.  At the latest, the contract must be finished by 31 December."
Otherwise, apart from on-going issues in Ecclesfield and Parson Cross (diversions are posted) the Network in Sheffield is clear for use. 
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