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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sheffield to Manchester route

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Route description:

Sustrans people rode the route on 13th August.

Highlights of the trip were:-
The gorgeous Porter Valley Route.
Dramatic views across Burbage & Bamford moors and courteous treatment by drivers.
Ladybower Dam & the Thornhill Trail
Pretty countryside around Slackhall.
The High Peak tramway
The Floop - a superb route, very well maintained. Good to see that that some of the dafter access controls have been removed (e.g. Sainsburys Fallowfield)
Access to City Centre from Fallowfield along Wilmslow Rd was reasonable.
A good pint at the Sand Box. 
Plenty of room on the Northern Rail stopping train via Hope Valley for bikes.

Agreed that Sheffield Bamford Station could be opened as an interim route and Bamford to New Mills is close to being interim. 

Things we spotted yesterday which would enable upgrade of status from “interim” to “fully open” 

Permission to use Guernsey Rd/Lynwood Gardens/Park Lane rather than Clarkehouse Rd
Slower speeds on Clarkehouse Rd
Removal of demarcation line in Bingham Park - making it fully Shared Use
Better crossiings at Hangingwater, Whiteley Wood Rd, “Quiet” Lane.
Slower speeds on Sheffield section of Ringinglow Rd
Allow cycling across Ladybower Dam.
Allow cycling on track between Aston & Hope Cemetery - Negotiate via Caravan Club.
Measures to reduce congestion in Castleton
Metalled cycleway on Mam Tor

Slower speeds on Rushup Edge

Widen pavement on A624 between (?name of lane) & Charley Lane.
Access issues on High Peak tramway - current status is unclear.
Improve crossing at Bugsworth basin. (signage for Pennine Cycleway needed here.)
Partial re-surfacing of canal towpath New Mills - Marple.
Completion of Connect 2 scheme at Marple.

Note that canal towpath surface beyond Marple is not suitable for interim route.

Link from roadway to Floop at Longford Rd West was not clearly signed.
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