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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ranger ride & meet

We had a ride and meeting scheduled on Saturday to have a look around the Network and start to draw up our annual plan. Actually only Richard turned up and I let him off the meeting, but we had a good ride anyway. Sadly the Manor section had a lot of litter but the route is mostly rideable - very little broken glass was encountered. We spotted some options for route improvement around Waverley, using the off-road footpath rather than the trail, and had a think about we could improve signage in Bowden Housteads.  On the way back we spotted some opportunities for improving routes around the Station area:

This temporary bit of track has been made by Network Rail engineers working on the River tunnel (the Rivers Sheaf & Porter meet under Sheffield Station, platform 5)


A little extension to the track would make for a useful link, completing the off-road cycle track between the station and Park Square.

The "Artistic" Graffiti artists had been at work:-


and on the way home I found another example of their work, this one in the River Porter:-


Work has started on the Sheaf Valley Park behind the station :-

It looks a mess at the moment and a lot of mature trees have been felled but hopefully when complete  it will be an improvement.
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