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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Had a quick ridearound with Andy from SCC which was very useful.

The following things might happen:-

Travelodge :-

Take one K-frame out & move to tunnel under Railway. (Ecclesfield)
Other K-frame will have spacers removed, making it easier to get a bike through.

Bridge @ Ecclesfield - remove barrier which has been subject to a botched repair.

(pics below)

Newhall Rd - slant barriers so cyclists are able to pass through slowly.

Chapeltown Greenway - although there has been a funding gap some work will soon commence on the extension to Chapeltown & Tankersley. There may be scope for Sustrans rangers to help with any preparatory work - clearing vegetation etc - as per Beeley Woods.

Ramp from bridge up to green space adjacent to Ecclesfield Rd (which is heavily used for motorcycling) is in very poor condition.

Noted that Sheffield Wildlife Trust are clearing vegetation between Weedon St & Carbrook St, & the retaining wall is being rebuilt along Effingham St which is causing some disruption. Tyres have been dumped at north end of Cobweb Bridge, at Sussex St. Section between Wicker Arches & Blonk St is closed for Environmental Agency work on the river (Diversions have NOT been posted!)

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