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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Guerilla Rangering

Me and Richard A. went out to fix an irritating problem this morning:-

This is where the Five Weirs Walk crosses Newhall Rd. It involves a couple of tight u-turns and then someone who clearly isn't a cyclist put in a barrier which necessitates another tight turn. As a result people cut the corner, which has resulted in the earth getting worn down and creating a hazard.

We went out to fix this a few weeks back with some paving stones but the ground was frozen, so we hid them in the bushes and returned this a.m.. A spot of nifty spadework soon had the ground prepared and we put the paving stones in place.

This is what it looks like now :-

Here's Richard trying it out:-

We hope this makes your journey along the Five Weirs Walk a little easier.

Further downstream we found a spawning Spacehopper:-

On the way back we stopped at La Perle Bistro & Patisserie on the Wicker (honest!)
which we can thoroughly recommend.

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Pedalpushers : The Sheffield Cycle Campaign said...

Unless we receive some assurances that the council will start to look at the issue of access barriers, we will start to look at providing bypasses on the Chapeltown greenway.