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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Greno Woods - Where is Everyone?

Our Woodland fun and work day was not the community event we had hoped. Despite this the day was a partial success. We managed to put in some drainage pipe and the friends and family that came along really enjoyed the woodland activities that we had planned. We did have 8 adults and 5 children turn up.

The event was planned to be a trail maintenance and community day, with local families joining us in support of the local trail. We had advertised widely with posters, leaflets, emails to groups and advertisements in event pages.


The event did manage to:
  • Install drainage pipe in an area that's often waterlogged
  • Put on a great treasure hunt
  • Have kids making fire with flints and birch wood
  • Have the kids making bread on a campfire

There were many other activities that were not used. It felt like we’d planned for a great community day and we are still to organize an event and showcase what we have to offer.

Many thanks to Jay and Tom, two mountain bikers from High Green who helped us for a hour or so (digging trench in picture two up). With their skilled trench digging, together we managed to break the back of the work and allowed us to install a large drainage pipe. This will prevent the who picnic area becoming boggy and the path flooding and becoming muddy when the weather’s wet.

A great event and when people eventually turn up next time it will be a huge success.

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