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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sustrans sunday

Had a busy Sustrans Sunday. Firstly popped up to help out our new environmental hero on the manor - you can see him in the distance...

 ...& this was the haul of rubbish so far...
...the total tally was 15 bags.

 Here you can see how the council have repaired the fence without replacing the wire that was originally in place, making it easier for the Bad Boys to vandalise it...

...a local expresses his opinion about the people who have burnt the fence... 
...further along it's been broken down (again) 
 Speaking of fences, the next stop was Beeley Woods where the fence has been broken down..some people thought it shouldn't have been put up in the first place...

 The river was running strongly after the rain and looked pretty clean...

Surface is OK (still waiting for final surface) 

Claywheels lane has been resurfaced with cycle symbols on the rumble strrips 

Here's how it looks when you're driving

Anyone seen this bike? (poster at Beeley Woods)

 Fly-tipping on the Five Weirs Walk
Illegal parking outside Ponds Forge. The cycleway was open but peds and cyclists were getting squeezed.  
 The subway under the Parkway at Blast Lane
& meanwhile on the Chapeltown Greenway, this is the next section that should get the treatment...  

The tarmac has got this far.. 
and it's a pleasure to ride on!  If all the cycle routes in Sheffield were this standard we'd be pretty happy, although we beleive there will be a width restriction further up, subject to negotiation with the landowner.
This section of NCN67, leading up to Ecclesfield Rd from the Greenway, is not so salubrious... 
 Dumped telly in the brook
 and depressingly, more litter and tipping. 

No signs apparent here, at the access point from Hartley Brook Ave
Found a finger post eventually, hiding in the scrub.


No signage at all at the junction between Molyneux & Hartley Brook Rd. 
This sign at the entrance to Tongue Gutter, is pointing the wrong way are these signs at the other end of Tongue Gutter.

This section of the Hartley Brook path section is particularly horrible

Last stop of the day, was up at Richmond where some new tagging has appeared on the Council's noticeboard
....However, the destination patches I ordered make it pretty clear which way to go I think,

Lastly, a little video on the topic of Access Barriers

If you're thinking of trying out the NCN and you're put off by reading this, please don't be! These are just a few isolated defects - most of the Network is fine to ride on.

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