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Friday, 26 September 2008

Trail report NE Derbyshire

Paul'n'Pip say:

went for a quick ride round the trail the other day and noted a few things that need some attention.
1. The bridleway from Grove Rd down to Balmoak Lane is severely rutted (as bad as when we had the floods the other year)
2. The sign on Recreation Road pointing (or rather not) to Grove Way is damaged and pointing in the wrong direction.
3.Sign on Manor Rd between Brooke Drive and Recreation Rd is obscured by a house for sale sign, the for sale sign is virtually touching the TPT sign.
4. One of the signs on Dovedale Rd/ Bamford Rd directing you into Westwood has been stolen the other sign for going in the opposite direction ie towards the Arkwright Line is still okay.
5. The Arkwright Line where it runs along side Bamford Rd needs cutting back.
6. Diversion signs around Staveley road works missing, stolen and obscured by other street furniture and signs ie fly posters etc.
7. Bluebank Loop (old railway line that runs parallel to the canal) is muddy and a poor surface for cycling on.
8. The canal towpath is worn and bumpy in places - needs some patching in places.
Paul n Pip

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