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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Lower Don Route Inspection, 2nd March 2008

There are signs on Cutlers Way (NIRR) indicating that the TPT is in the direction of the Parkway. (picture to follow) Has this now become a premiere walking and cycling route? I don't think so. Have put some temporary signs up directing users along Effingham St (B6073).

In addition to the known route closure, a tree has blown over near Washford Bridge,
Attercliffe Rd. Apart from the new phase 6b section, therefore, none of the 5ww is open for cycling until you get to Stevenson RD.

Stevenson Road entrance - glass from a broken windscreen covers the access point.

Broken glass at Blast Lane subway.

Litter on approach route to Valley Centretainment from Attercliffe Rd (Carbrook Hall pub)

On the plus side, the bin at Manor Way has not been vandalised and is in use. The litter problem
has by no means gone away but is a lot better. I feel this fully justifies the action we took and look forward to seeing more bins installed at strategic locations along this part of the trail, particularly the access points where kids tend to gather.

Out of the area:

Broken glass at access point for Heath - gave me a puncture.

Off the TPT:

There's a big pile of litter by the Don Valley Bowl entrance to Ice Sheffield, ripe for getting blown about.

The whole of the Sheffield Arena to Woodburn Rd route is in poor condition, with the Don Valley Bowl to Arena section particularly unusable due to broken glass. There is fly-tipping in the housing estate to the rear of Virgin Media.

Cycle parking at Granville Sq tramstop would be very useful for cycle park'n'ride.

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